First Week Reflections

My goodness! This was one of the most exhausting first weeks of school I have had in awhile. Every day required a nap and when possible, I still went to bed early. However, I am still pretty excited about this school year.

My students are a pretty energetic bunch! I am looking forward to getting to know this group more. There are some comedians in the group, that’s for sure. I also love that I get one class of juniors with my students from last year. As much as I like my new group, I loved my students last year and am looking forward to working with them again.

The new name was interesting this week. After 7 years as Ms. B, I am now Mrs. Crawford. I still answer to Ms. B and noticed a did not respond to Mrs. Crawford or Ms. C a few times. It was funny to see the surprised look on some student faces when they realized this “new” teacher was actually me. I’m sure I will be used to the new name soon.

I am liking the desks in groups. Students are doing ok staying focused when needed and I love how simple partner/group discussions now are. The way they are arranged make it very easy to get around and confer with students and groups. Plus, my activity for Friday was all set up and ready to go at the beginning of each class. Huge time saver! I think this layout is a keeper.

I stole another idea on Pinterest for some positive reinforcement in the classroom. It’s giving the students a high five – a note on a piece of paper in the shape of a hand. I do not have access to a dye cut but I did find super cheap hand cutouts on Oriental Trading. I gave out some this week and they were a success. One girl expressed she wanted to bring it home and out it on her fridge because she has never received something like that. Two students asked for pieces of tape to hang them in their locker. Something so simple can have long lasting effects.

Finally, book check out was amazing this week! We did book speed dating on Wednesday and several students in each class checked out books. One student already finished This is not a Test by Courtney Summers and asked for more books by her. A variety of genres were checked out and more students found books on our first SSR day on Friday. I love seeing students with books in their hands each day.

Hope everyone had a great start of the year. Here’s to week 2!!


One thought on “First Week Reflections

  1. I want to hear more about this book speed dating. It sounds interesting. Glad to hear your school year is starting off well.

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