I have not done well these past few weeks (months?) in here but that is a testament to how insanely busy life has been!  We survived testing this week and the second trimester is almost done.  I have had more success in a number of endeavors this time around – especially in the research project and our choice book unit in 10B – and I am getting pumped for third trimester.  A few exciting things have been going on in the classroom that I plan to share soon with a much overdue post.  But right now I am excited to say I am posting from the MRA conference 2012!  After a long week, and an spectacular session with Jeff Anderson today, I am totally fired up for this weekend!  I feel like the little kid in the old Disney commercial who was “too excited to sleep!”  I hope to have a lot of great information and memories to share in the upcoming days.  For now, I think I should look over the schedule and decide on some sessions (always the procrastinator!) and try out that whole sleep thing.  There is definitely more to come! 

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